image This post is a rant of my not-so-good experience with Metrobank.  I need to let it all out as it really frustrated me to no end.  For a bank who was awarded Best Bank by EuroMoney for 3 years, their customer service and internal procedures/communications need some improvement.  My issue:  Online Enrollment Application.  Here’s a timeline of events on what happened and do let me know if I’m right or wrong to be frustrated.

April 8 (Monday)

I opened an OFW account with Metrobank Libertad branch to be used as my settlement account for First Metro Sec.  I informed the bank officer that I would like to open it for online enrollment.   I filled in the new account application form and online enrollment application form.  After checking the information and providing a photocopy of my IDs, the bank officer processed my account.  However, when she was processing my online enrollment application form, a colleague showed her an email stating personal accounts online enrollment may be processed through their website.  Pressed for time, I took their word and left for my next appointment.

April 11 (Thursday)

After recovering from my flight and catching up on my work, I got the chance to check the website and try to enroll my account online.  However, I was unable to locate the link for online application.  I immediately sent an email to customercare@metrobank (9:47am) and informed them about my issue. 

At 4:15pm, I received an email from customercare@metrobank on my inquiry.  I was instructed to proceed to the branch where I opened my account for processing due to technical issues.  I replied back at 6:28pm, informing them that I’m currently abroad (Beijing) and if it would be possible to apply via email.

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